The beaver, an animal identified with Canada, has been on the Canadian nickel for as long as I can remember. My fascination with the beaver goes back to my childhood and my Grandfather, Henry Vickers, who was a trapper and one of his many stories comes to mind.

He was invited by a friend from the northern interior of B.C. to go on a trapping expedition. He lived on the coast so a trip inland was a welcome change.

They walked for many miles along a river and headed up a tributary creek on the last leg of the long trek into his friends cabin. They stopped to rest and have a late lunch and both fell asleep. Grandpa slept leaning against a giant cedar tree and had a troublesome dream that told him the rain would come and the creek would flood. When they awoke it was raining and his friend told him they should make camp right where they were. Grandpa told him it wasn't a good idea, that they should move to higher ground because the creek was going to flood. His friend said that this was his territory and he knew better than my Grandpa who was from the coast. That night they were awakened by the creek flooding and scrambled to put their packs and gear together to get to higher ground. He always finished that story by saying, "Pretty funny, hey grandson. You know, my friend Pete listened to my advice after that".

Thanks Grandpa for your many stories and teachings.


Edition Date: May 2008
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 14.5" x 23"
Edition Size: 100