There are four clans in Gitxaala, my home village, also known as Kitkatla, B.C. All children are born into the clan, or, tribe of the mother. I was born Eagle and it is the first of the series of four clans, or tribes as they are also known at home.

The inspiration for Big Raven comes from the famous Humsum or Hamatsa dances. The Big Raven mask is the largest of the four dramatic masks in every Kwakwakawak Potlatch. The raven is the fourth of the clans and my name, Tlakwagila, comes from the House of Walkus in Wuikinuxv, B.C. and is in the Raven Clan.


Edition Date: June 2017
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 19" x 27"
Edition Size: 50