The day began with a beautiful late spring sunrise with colours of yellow, orange, and blue in the eastern sky. As I watched the day begin, my two sons awoke and were excited to get out on the beach. I explained to them that later in the morning the tide was going to come back in and the waters should be warmed by the hot sand. Later that day we found ourselves walking on the warm sand out to the incoming tide. As we neared the water we could actually see the water moving slowly over the sand, so we took our shoes and socks off and tested the water to find to our delight that it was warm. I ran back to a high area of the beach to put our shoes down and returned to find the boys chasing after tiny bullhead that were coming in with the tide. We spent the remainder of the morning playing in the ocean as it continued it's march toward the high-water line near the house. We dug clams, searched for sand dollars and chased bullhead until lunch time.

After the experience, I realized that the moon in May is called the Bullhead Moon among the Coast Salish and this gave me a whole new perspective on the full moon in the month of May.

Edition Date: October 2000
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Original Print
Image Size: 18" Diameter
Edition Size: 150