In the mid 80's a very special whale traveled to this area. She was the friendliest grey whale to visit our area, known for her love of human contact. When she arrived to Clayoquot Sound, the whale watching industry was just beginning and there were only a few people doing whale research. My friend Sharron Carbone was one of the whale watching industry pioneers at that time. She was told of a friendly grey whale close by in Grice Bay and she set out to find it. Sharron was in a 12' zodiac with two others in the boat when they came across the whale. This friendly whale swam up beside the boat and stuck her head out of the water. Sharron amazingly reached out and hugged the whale's head and gave her some kisses. She looked at this whale and thought "what amazing harmony". From then on the whale became lovingly known as Harmony. She stayed for the summer, feeding and visiting the whale watchers. Some people were scared of her. One boat of fisherman panicked when she came to close, and injured her with their engine props when trying to get away from her. At the end of the season, Sharron didn't come across her again, figuring she had left for her journey south for the winter. It was never confirmed that Harmony visited the area again, as identifying whales in the area didn't begin until some years later. Harmony is celebrated through songs and artwork of her short time in the Tofino area.
I would like to thank Roy for taking an interest in my art work, and for this amazing opportunity to collaborate on this very special project. I am honored that my first limited edition print, "Harmony" is with Roy Henry Vickers. - Carly Steven

This whale project began when I saw some of Carly Steven's drawings while she was working at Eagle Aerie Gallery. I asked Carly if she would consider combining styles and coming up with a very original print She agreed and the process of communication began.Whales have been a big part of peoples lives around the Tofino neighborhood for thousands of years. There are many stories of the importance of the whale to the Nuu Chah Nulth way of live. Today we have seen a resurgence in whales and interest in them, so much so, that thousands come to Tofino every year for an experience with whales. These close contacts leave us in awe and wonder at the gentleness of these giant creatures.My first close encounter with a Grey whale happened many years ago in Grice Bay a piece of sheltered inlet water close to Tofino. I can still see this grey whale swimming up close to my boat and going underneath the boat and coming up on the other side. The whale was very friendly and not afraid of human contact. I will never forget leaning over the side of my boat and touching the whale and seeing its skin surface ripple with reaction to the touch of a human hand. I found it amazing that the whale could feel such a soft touch. I also remember taking a friend to see this whale who came to be known as Harmony, my friend was so moved by the experience that he could hardly get out of the boat when we got back to the dock.Harmony is an appropriate name for this creation as it also took a harmony between two artists to come up with this image. The combination of realistic portrayal of a grey along with an old northwest coast stylized rendition of the same whale come together in harmony.Thank you Carly for being a part of such Harmony. I look forward to the next whale collaboration. - Roy Henry Vickers


Edition Date: March 2011
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers & Carly Steven
Medium: Reproduction
Image Size: 10.5" x 7"
* Add 2 1/4" to each side of the image to get the matted size.
* Add 2 1/2" to each side of the image for the framed size.