The sweat lodge or purification ceremony has been with us since before history was written down. I will relate to you briefly how it works for me. Keep in mind that there are many cultural leaders in the world and ceremony changes among different people, there is not a right or wrong way.

There are four rounds in a purification ceremony consisting of a spoken message and song, as well as prayer and water poured over hot rocks.  We look to the Creator of all for enlightenment and guidance, we pray for ourselves and others. We ask for knowledge, healing, vision, and strength. The door is opened after each round to let out the steam and bring in drinking water.

The first round is for the teacher and the little children, the second is for the women and the healer, third is the visionary and the men, and the fourth round is for the leader and the elders. So these rounds are also east, south, west, and north; fire, earth, water, and air. We look to the seasons, spring, summer, fall, and, winter.

This sweat lodge ceremony is to help us be more selfless and willing to help the world around us be a better place. So we strive to purify ourselves.

Edition Date: March 2007
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 18" x 18"
Edition Size: 100