There's a famous piece of water in northern B.C. called Rainbow Alley. The name comes from the resident rainbow trout that appear there in June of each year, when fly fishermen from far and wide come to enjoy a peaceful time fishing for trout in a narrow strip of water between two large lakes.

I had the opportunity to take two of my sons on a fishing trip there, along with a lifetime friend who is an expert with fly rod and with tying custom flies to suit the fishing conditions. We stayed at a beautiful cabin which belonged to another friend of mine.

One morning I awoke early to notice my son Wakas was not in the cabin. I checked out the window and there he was in dawn's early light enjoying the quiet at daybreak and some fishing by himself. There was a forest fire somewhere in the distance which gave a soft glow to the rising sun and somewhere in the distance the call of a loon indicating the fact that we were in a special wilderness spot of northern B.C.

I thought of the wonders of such a unique place in the mind of a boy and wanted to capture this moment - so comes the creation Rainbow Alley.


Edition Date: December 2012
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 13" x 20"
Edition Size: 80