There is a mountain in our valley, it dominates the landscape of the Hazeltons and has been called Stegyawden for thousands of years. For those less familiar with the land and it's people it's known as Roche de Boule.

In 1979 I sat for dinner in the Marshalls' home with my old friend, Ward Marshall. He looked to the mountain and said it looks like a fire up there and I turned to see the glow moments before the moon rose above the mountain top. I turned to Ward and saw him smile as he watched the beauty of the moonrise. This land is full of memories as I raise my family in the beauty of the northwest.

As I reflect on this country and the state we are in I know we need to return to a love of the land and the healing it can provide. I see the need to protect the pristine areas we have left, the need for cooperation between people as caretakers of the earth. The NDP has always been the choice for people in the north and I've never been more inspired by a leader than I am with Nathan Cullen. Nathan is a man with a heart for the people and the land and demonstrates by his actions his deep respect for the land and the people.

The mountains remind me of the legends shared of a call to respect all we have in this world. The longhouse is a symbol of family living together and working at preservation of the land and resources. The moon reminds me of the gift of light in the darkness and the eagle epitomizes clarity of vision. Our leaders need clear vision tempered bu knowledge and healing to stand for truth. We are all family and have a responsibility to work together to make the world a better place for those who follow in our footsteps.

This creation called Skeena Moon is dedicated to the leadership of Nathan Cullen, a man who has moved me to join the NDP and make a stand politically and continue to do my part to protect our way of life and our democracy.


Edition Date: March 2012
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 7" x 20"
Edition Size: 100