Rivers Inlet has one of the most successful chinook enhancement programs I have ever known. The folks at Good Hope Cannery have been promoting catch and release of the big Tyee for many years now, and that is really something for a commercial sport fishing lodge on B.C.'s coastline. I have been a part of this fishery for many years and I am excited to know there are many who are taking steps to ensure the same experience will be available for generations to come.
Rivers Inlet is located at about the centre of our coast, and would be one of the priceless areas in jeopardy if we were to allow supertankers to carry dirty oil on this coast. The likelihood of a disaster is 100 percent if the supertankers our government has approved are allowed on this coast.
We cannot allow this to happen. We need to be ever vigilant to threats of destruction to our beautiful B.C. coastline.

Edition Date: November 2012
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Lithograph
Image Size: 16" x 12"