The flames danced as the salmon cooked on the beach fire. The sun dropped low in the Western sky over Wickaninnish Island as friends and coworkers sat around the fire enjoying a Westcoast evening in Tofino. It was our staff get together and some friends had dropped by who were vis- iting in the area. I was playing my guitar and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere when inspiration hit me like a giant wave. There before me glowed my next creation.
I asked for a camera and was off to get some shots of the sunset. When I stopped to take the pictures, it was fitting for me to be in front of the site where I had first lived in Tofino eighteen years earlier. Many things had changed; the house I had rented was gone and in its place was a huge mansion. At the end of the beach, unseen in the shadows, was my friend Henry's home, surrounded by a new destination resort hotel called, The Wickaninnish Inn.
The brilliant colours of the Westcoast twilight made the fore- ground a soft charcoal; the lights of the hotel and residences had not yet come on to betray their presence. Although so many things were different, the beauty of the sea and the drama of dusk were ever the same. I thought of the years of happiness in this island paradise and was delighted to know that once more I would create a work from the magic of moth- er nature.

Edition Date: August 1998
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Art Card
Art Card Size: 5.5" x 7"