Roy Henry Vickers x Lizzie Snow 'fortyonehundred'

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Earth Spirit - Original Painting

Earth Spirit represents the all-encompassing circles of life, the end of one journey is the beginning of the next. Here, the spirit bear is at centre, watched by the raven in its tree, surrounded by the swirling ocean. Life is a series of many infinite circular experiences – before, during and after your existence. Nature shows us the ultimate example of these different elements living in harmony.


“It’s a special day to feature a collaboration with a fellow artist. There’s a unique and magic happening when two creative spirits come together to create. Our lives are filled with cycles, completed circles, mandalas. You are the centre, what you do makes a difference in the world”

— Roy Henry Vickers, 2019 (On collaboration with Lizzie Snow - fortyonehundred)



  • Original Painting by Roy Henry Vickers & Lizzie Snow ‘fortyonehundred’ (2019)
  • 30”x30” - Acrylic paint on cradled panel
  • This painting has currently been placed on hold for a collector. Please contact the gallery if you wish to place interest to be in line.
  • Limited Edition Prints will be released in about 1 month.
  • Custom frame, made from local yellow-cedar by Joel Gray from Tofino Woodworks 

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