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This work is inspired by my connection with the wonderful crew at Warner Records and discussions about storytellers and music that is passed from generation to generation. The past few years have been an exciting journey into the music of the Grateful Dead and world connections we have as artists.
This is about the family of humankind, male and female. The four figures of male and female represent the family in the four directions of the world. The drum is the instrument of the healer and is the heartbeat of life. The click sticks are the oldest musical instrument of mankind. Some old ones used the radius of an ancestor as a click stick to beat time for the songs, the stories from our ancestors.
The Raven in a circle speaks to the story of trickster and creator from the Pacific Northwest. Raven is also in stories around the world. The totems are entrance totems and it is understood that when you step through the portal you are connecting to the people inside and their songs and stories handed down from the ancestors. Every potlatch is a celebration in songs and dances connecting us to the ancestors.
When you are standing in the strength, truth, and beauty of who you are the ancestors on the other side are speaking excitedly to each other and remarking that you may be the one who carries on the strength, truth, and, beauty of your lineage and I believe they are The Grateful Dead. 
Roy Henry Vickers 15/08/2018
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grateful dead
Grateful Dead

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