Sixty-five years of age is a milestone in my life. When I was a young man of the age 25, working in the Saanich Fire Department in Victoria, I thought I would retire at 55 or 60 and live a life of leisure. Instead, I retired from that job at the age of 27 and began my life as an artist. The time has flown by with many rewards along the way. It's hard to believe that I am an old age pensioner and the thought of retiring from this life as an artist seems ridiculous, so I think I'll keep on for another 35
years. Age is how you feel and not what you are. It feels like I am just beginning to understand a bit about life and it's many inspirations. I look forward to the years ahead as an artist and lover of life. I think of a time many years ago when I began to question my roots and lineage. I began to study the beautiful art of my ancestors of the Pacific Northwest. I continue to enjoy this traditional expression as well as a more contemporary language of art. I could not think of a better subject of design than a stylized box front image and so the happy face of my ancestry is my choice to celebrate 65 years.

Edition Date: June 2011
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 18" Diameter