The sunsets in Tofino, B.C. are breathtaking throughout the year. During my years there I've seen hundreds of sunsets and no two are ever the same. So it is with New Moon Tofino, a very special sunset when few people realize there is a moon present unless they follow those special times of the moon. They are difficult
to see but it is possible. A new moon is not in the sky at night! It rises with the sun and sets with the sun. The closest you can get to "seeing" a new moon is a "waxing crescent" right after the sun sets, or a "waning crescent" right before the sun rises. New Moon Tofino is a special moon that you can see as I put a shadow of the moon where it would be as the sun is setting.
Edition Date: August 2017
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Lithograph
Image Size: 8 3/4" x 5 3/4"
* Add 2 1/4" to each side of the image to get the matted size.
* Add 2 1/2" to each side of the image for the framed size.