It was one of those magical days on the west coast. We were fishing out of King Pacific Lodge in Whale Channel. I had listened to legends of the territories some fifty years earlier, and now was fishing the same area retelling the stories to my friends. The fishing was great with a light northwest breeze and lots of sun. The day began with a display of aerobatics from over a dozen eagles, who were diving on a school of bait on the sea's surface. We then saw a group of orca that numbered around one hundred and fifty. I had only observed this phenomenon once in my youth in the same general area, and had just told that very story when this large group of killer whales came by to thrill us. As it turns out, we witnessed a number of groups or pods coming together, something that is rarely witnessed.

Near the end of the day we set a course for the lodge and came across a humpback whale calf that gave us a display of breaching and splashing about. My friend Ray's comment was that we had seen just about everything we could for one day. We resumed our course for the lodge leaving the humpback behind when we came upon a group of sea lions. The cows reacted to our presence by jumping into the ocean, but the bulls were content to sit as kings of their castle and watch us watching them. I could not help but comment, "Now that's a lot of bull'. I am glad for friends who put up with my puns.

We ended the day enjoying a wonderful meal at the lodge and told lots of stories that reflected on the awe and wonder of a summer day on the wild west coast of British Columbia. With the passing of another Thanksgiving holiday, I can say I am thankful for a life full of gifts and beauty and many awesome experiences that come to those who love being out on the land and sea.


Edition Date: October 2005
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 15" x 23"
Edition Size: 150