You know there are times when so much inspiration comes itʼs hard to know where to begin. This November day I was working with a number of different images,
thinking of winter coming and the solstice indicating a time of change. An idea and memory of an image kept coming to the surface, rising from the subconscious to the
conscious. It was the memory of a photograph by a photographer and professional free-diver friend, Jason Sturgis. Jason captured the moment of an orca rising just before it breaks the surface of the ocean. I finally stopped what I as doing. I took another look, respected that photograph, and I knew as I admired the capture that it was going to be a special moment for me that would turn into a new creation. At this time of year when the snows cover the ground and silently fall to the sea I realize it is a time of healing. The white blanket that covers mother earth is to hold her in a place of continual healing through the winter season. Orca Rising is dedicated to those who have the courage
to face those areas of their lives that need healing, as well as to those who dedicate themselves to helping others heal. Many thanks to Jason Sturgis for his beautiful photo captures of whales in their ocean domain.

** All posters have various text around the border

Edition Date: December 2013
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Poster
Image Size: 22 3/4" x 8 5/8"