Fishing with my Grandpa, Henry Vickers was one of my greatest learning experiences. Henry was a man of the outdoors, a trapper, a fisherman, and a hunter. One beautiful summer day we were fishing sockeye with our gill net. My job was to keep an eye on our progress while Grandpa slept. The sound came from far down the channel and sounded like gunshots so I went to wake Grandpa up. He listened for a few seconds and said they were killer whales then curled up to return to sleep. I ran up on deck and waited as the sounds got closer and then was treated to an unbelievable spectacle. There were dozens of whales and a few were jumping clear of the ocean and landing with a loud smack and that was what sounded like the gunshots in the distance. There were many incredible experiences on the sea as I grew up and that one will always be uppermost in my mind.

When John Forde gave me the picture of an orca at sunset the memory of whales breaching came to mind and so I thank John for the wonderful memory and the inspiration for ORCA SUNSET.


Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Block Mount
Image Size: 10" x 5.75"