My Ya'a (Grandpa), Henry Vickers, used to tell me stories of one of his favorite places in the Great Bear Rainforest, Gardner Canal. "Grandson", he'd say, "My favorite place on the coast is Gardner Canal where we used to shoot mountain goats and they would land in the water near the boat. The sockeye were plentiful there, crabs and everything you would ever need."

I was telling this story to my friend, Cliff Coukell on a recent trip to this wonderful place with our sons. No doubt it didn't look the same as it did in my grandfather's days. When the sun set and a golden light spread across the green sea surface the man made scars disappeared in the evening shadows and we were left in awe of the beauty.

We headed from the mouth of Gardner Canal towards an anchorage in the shadows of Hawkesbury Island in Gardner canal. I was left with the nostalgia of childhood memories of this place knowing that I would return soon with family and friends to explore one of the jewels of the Inside Passage and Great Bear Rainforest, Gardner Canal

Edition Date: August 2015
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 19" x 27"
Edition Size: 45