From the CBC article by Jane Armstrong: 

"When you drive into Fernie into the fall, it is just a splash of colours of yellow and red and gold and brown wood of the cottonwood trees - and this beautiful river that runs through it all," he said.

Mount Hosmer, northeast of town, always commands Vickers' attention. When the afternoon sun hits the face of the mountain, a shadow emerges that resembles a horse rider.

That figure is known as the Ghostrider, a legend told by tourists, townspeople and First Nations about an angry chief who placed a curse on the town.

According to Vickers, the legend lays out how the town's founder, William Fernie, was travelling through the region in the late 19th century when he met up with a group of First Nations, including a chief and his daughter.

The young woman wore a black, stone necklace, which Fernie immediately recognized as coal.

When he asked the chief where he could find the coal, the chief said he'd only tell him if Fernie married his daughter. Fernie agreed and the chief divulged the source of the coal.


Edition Date: January 2017
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 19" x 25.5"
Edition Size: 80