There is something unexplainable about fishing and the joy it brings to children and adults from all over the world. Fishing has been a passion of mine since my earliest memories. Today the thrill is not diminished in the least.

Fishing the Kispiox River is an experience shared by hundreds of people from around the world every year. This image of Kispiox Fishing came from the very special experience of watching my son, William and nephew, Ollie fishing from a gravel bar where the Kispiox River flows into the mighty Skeena River. The sight of another generation
carrying on an ancestral tradition was the inspiration behind this creation.

I remember a time when I went out with a friend to one of his favorite steel heading spots. I was so excited to get out of Gary's float plane that I took no notice of what he was doing. After some time had passed and I had put my rod and tackle together and made a few casts into a pool of steelhead, I remembered Gary. I turned to see where he was and there he sat on a log smoking his pipe with this big grin on his face. I couldn't understand so asked him why he wasn't fishing. He replied, ‘It's just as much fun to watch someone else". I never understood that experience until the day watching my son and his friend doing some Kispiox Fishing.


Edition Date: October 2005
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 18" Diameter
Edition Size: 100