The shark has been a part of northwest coast crests and mythology for over ten thousand years of history and storytelling.

This shark design comes from a different inspiration. My son attended Bayside Middle School for a year, where the mascot and school logo is the shark. I was asked to complete a piece of work for the school depicting my rendition of a shark. So this shark is carved in a three foot glass circle and hangs in the school library. I am glad that our northwest coast mythology and design is finding its way into our public school system. It is my hope and desire to have our younger generation far more knowledgeable than any generation before them when it comes to our First Nations art and culture.

Thank you William and the staff and students of Bayside School for inspiring me to create this SHARK .


Edition Date: January 2003
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 13" diameter
Edition Size: 150