Each year in September or October, I make my journey to the mountains to refresh myself and come close to Mother Earth, as my ancestors have done for thousands of years. This is a spiritual journey as well as a practical trip to nature's food storage.

I was raised a fisherman and a hunter, as was my father and his before him. This last year, my pilgrimage began with a Sweat Lodge and a period of fasting and preparation for a very special time. There have been many times that I have hunted and fished without reverence or responsibility for my actions. Lately, I have come to a place in my life where I have a new respect for myself and my actions, and am therefore able to show that respect to the world around me.

Stone Country is the Rocky Mountains. It is also that place on Earth where I can come close to my Creator. It seems that the top of a mountain somehow brings me closer to God and thus, closer to myself. At times like this, I am aware of how precious life is and that the time we have to spend on earth is so short in the scheme of things that we should make the best of it.

This year I took meat home to my family, and I am thankful for the privilege and freedom of being able to assume such responsibility.

I can reminisce over a sunny afternoon and a Rocky Mountain high when I sit back and look at Stone Country.


Edition Date: October 1994
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Original Print
Image Size: 22" x 16.5"
Edition Size: 150