The trumpeters return to the British Columbia's north country in the latter part of winter each year. In the old days our people use to enjoy the fresh meat in the cold days of winter. I have this memory as a child of somebody harvesting one of these birds in the village of Kitkatla. The people were afraid that word would get out to the police and somebody would go to jail. Nothing ever came of it and I don't remember having a taste of that bird and the memory today reminds me of the legend that explains the origin of three rivers, Skeena, Nass and Stikine. As I help bring about the finishing touches to a book called Cloudwalker, which is the legend I heard as a child, this image comes to me. Cloud walker was carried up above the clouds, so the story goes, and his experiences caused the birth of the Skeena, Nass, and Stikine rivers.

This week is Valentine's week and my love of swans and storytellers inspires this creation. The regal curve of two swans necks as they come together was the thought that inspired this work I call, Swan Heart.

Edition Date: February 2014
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 6.5" x 12"
Edition Size: 80