Last fall, 2007, I had the opportunity to go on a buffalo hunt, which turned out to be a wonderful experience. I was traveling with childhood friends from Hazelton, B.C.. To be out on the land with friends who have grown up as hunters and trappers, brings a new dimension to the experience.

We traveled to Alberta, where we stayed with a very hospitable family who had the bison on their ranch. Ken and his wife Judy, our new friends, taught us that they are bison not buffalo. Our hunting cabin was a three bedroom home overlooking the Peace river.

One morning I was up early for a pipe ceremony to honor the day and the bison that would give up its life. At the end of the pipe ceremony just before the sun began to appear there was an awesome moment that I knew I wanted to capture.

So here is, THE PEACE, with the bison in the sky and a bison skull in the shadows of the foreground, along with the brand of Wineglass Ranch. Thank you Ken and Judy and your children for a most memorable experience.


Edition Date: July 2008
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 11.75" x 7.75"
Edition Size: 100