We decided last Christmas that we would enjoy a new experience and so we made our way to a farm east of Houston, B.C. where we had the most wonderful afternoon an a winter wonderland. We sat on bales of hay wrapped in blankets as we rode through open fields and through the snow covered evergreens. On one part of the ride as we came close to a grove of silder birch and poplar trees we were greeted by a group of bull elk who comely watched as we photographed them and went on our way. We were a group of two families, the Vickers and the Smiths. My lifelong friend Ray and his family brought a special
feeling of fun and laughter. After a couple of hours we were treated to hot chocolate around a fire before driving home. The rest of the story is still to come......the horses really did have red Santa toques.

Edition Date: March 2009
Artist: Roy Henry Vickers
Medium: Serigraph
Image Size: 21" x 14"
Edition Size: 100